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Download setup-cyopaled-1.6.1-build-278.exe version, last updated 08/10/2017 (3.78 MB)

  • md5: 4eb71a6bb28ce66669c72d9854b83d0a
  • sha1: 652877dfb3d3b93da99e579cb9675556563b2393
  • sha256: 6a394eaa20a1ad04844288601b0112ebeec4dd85013c0f0376a6923f5a108268


  • Added new Grid Mode and Columns settings, allowing the main color grid to be either fixed swatches configured by the existing Swatch Width and Swatch Height settings, or to dynamically size based on the new Columns setting
  • A new Print Options dialog has been added, allowing the appearance and layout of print output to be customised [0000035]


  • More phrases have been localised
  • The Print dialog now allows printer selection [0000034]


  • Fixed an issue where Setup sometimes wouldn't replace files
  • JASC palettes were written with a UTF8 BOM [0000156]
  • The editor now correctly recognises the PspPalette extension [0000157]
  • Setup now allows for the PspPalette extension to be associated with the editor [0000157]
  • JsonEscape liquid filter didn't cover all characters [0000055]
  • After saving a palette with a new name, the old name was still used by some parts of the software [0000053]
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking a blank area of the Import and Export Wizard plugin list
  • Transactional Undo/Redo commands no longer repaint color grids/lists for each item in the transaction [0000032]
  • Fixed an issue where changing a colors name didn't correctly update undo information
  • Fixed a number of issues causing severe performance degradation when adding multiple colors to a palette, for example when creating a palette from an image containing thousands of colors [0000018]
  • Blank lines were being saved between colors in a Gimp palette (regression)
  • The Save Backups and Maximum number of backups to keep settings were being ignored; backups were always taken and a maximum number of 5 backups were kept
  • Saving a palette always created two backup files

Minimum Requirements