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Download setup-cyopaled-1.6.0-build-247.exe version (Beta), last updated 30/06/2017 (3.63 MB)

  • md5: 64e076a2d3a5c4985ebdc4d37cb096fa
  • sha1: da06231933cf8813b29c35497596718d89ec29e8
  • sha256: ee9e9b644544521fd2d8f2d433323e74c01d5572ea12934ebaa249c9feda53d4


  • The Create Swatch Image dialog now supports the use of presets
  • Added new Copy Swatch Image command which will generate a preview image of the current palette and then copy it to the Windows Clipboard
  • Palettes can now be exported to CSS
  • Colours can now be imported from CSS
  • Added template support, allowing palettes to be exported into custom text formats
  • Added the ability to print swatch sheets
  • Added Portuguese translation (machine generated)


  • Create Preview Image renamed to Create Swatch Image and can now be found on the Palette menu
  • Numerous changes to how plugins are discovered, loaded and configured. Due to no longer storing plugin details in the Windows Registry, this will cause any disabled plugins to be re-enabled


  • Attempting to save or export to a format which has a fixed color count no longer continues if the palette doesn't fit the limitations of the new format
  • Dialog help buttons weren't working correctly on Windows 7

Minimum Requirements