What data is submitted with my feedback?

When you submit feedback from a Cyotek product via the Feedback plugin, a JSON document will be generated and submitted to a secure server. The document has the following structure:

  "comments": "<text>",
  "emailAddress": "<text>",
  "productName": "<text>",
  "productVersion": "<text>",
  "screenshot": "<base64 binary data>",
  "type": "<text>"
  • comments - the feedback entered by the user
  • emailAddress - if specified, the email address of the user
  • productName - the short product code
  • productVersion - the product version
  • screenshot - if the user opted to include a screenshot, this is the binary data for the screenshot encoded in base64. Depending on the version of the Feedback plugin, this may be either PNG or JPG
  • type - the type of feedback being submitted, for example generic feedback or a support request


The following is an example document generated from a release build of WebCopy. The screenshot has been replaced with a small static image to keep the document size compact.

  "comments": "Test feedback submission for knowledge base article.",
  "emailAddress": "kb@example.com",
  "productName": "cyowcopy",
  "productVersion": "",
  "screenshot": "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",
  "type": "Feedback"

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